Complete Android Mobile Phone Buying Guide Book

Even though you only have a passing curiosity in the realm of mobile phone devices, odds are you’ve been aware of Android mobile phone. When it comes to raw figures, it’s the world’s largest smartphone operating-system, with nearly 50 % of the industry. An astounding 100 million Android gadgets have already been activated since it was released in the year 2008.

This meteoric climb has place Google’s mobile phone Operating system at the leading edge of the market, and if you head into your typical high-street mobile phone store, a higher percentage of the mobile phones readily available is going to be operated by Google android software.

This kind of popularity is pleasant news for Google and it is merry gang of manufacturers, but it might be scary complicated for a newbie. If you wish to learn more regarding the software, there are lots of tutorials and reviews available on the net. To learn more about what these phones are equipped for, and which you might like to purchase, keep reading.

Choice is every thing

Contrary to the i phone — that is manufactured by Apple and rejuvenated with a brand new model every single year or so — Android is readily available throughout a variety of distinct mobile phone models, manufactured by numerous makers. The list states just like a Who’s Who of the mobile phone tech community, with Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson , ZTE ,HTC, Alcatel , Huawei and Acer all utilizing the common OS for their mobile phones.This is the model of Samsung Galaxy S3

What this signifies for you is a large amount of alternatives. The perfect Android phones — for example the Samsung Galaxy S3 — competes technically with the iPhone and cost about US $ 599.

On the entry level of the scale, Android powered gadgets are significantly showing up for pocket-money rates. The small but highly effective HTC Wildfire S is yours for just US $297, even though the sluggish and fundamental Vodafone Smart is an surprisingly low-priced £60. In essence that no matter what your financial allowance actually is, there’s almost guaranteed to be an Android mobile phone to suit your needs.

Versions :

As is the situation with any software application, Google android is consistently growing and enhancing. Since its beginning in 2008 we have witnessed 8 primary releases, each and every incorporating much more functionality, performance and power.

Probably the most up-to-date mobile release of the Operating system is 4.0– often known as Ice-cream Sandwich. Which may appear to be a strange codename, but Google is keen on identifying Google android versions after sweets and sugary goodies — version 2.1 was named Éclair and version 2.3 was known as Gingerbread update for instance.

Most mobile phone models out there these days are running v3.x.x or v 4.x.x. Despite the fact that you’ll basically discover hardly any distinction between both if you’re a novice, a mobile phone that’s running Ice-cream Sandwich is the most suitable. Not only does this imply you’ll have the ability to take advantage of the latest features, additionally, it signifies your mobile phone is going to be at the technologically advanced for a longer time, and it also has an improved chance of being up-to-date once the next edition is introduced.

Done Forget Google Cloud

One of many advantages of Google android is the opportunity to synchronize your data ‘in the cloud’. As soon as you’ve signed in with your free of charge Google account (essential for all Android mobile phone ), your entire e-mail, contacts and calendar meetings are instantly connected.
That means you do not have to shift your contacts from your former mobile phone, as Android retains every little thing backed-up inside the cloud.

If you’re huge e-mail user, situations are much more thrilling. Your entire G-mail content is accessible at the touch of a button, so if you want to get an e-mail you dispatched 3 months or 3 years back, it’s accessible by means of your mobile phone. G-mail also recalls each of the contact information you’ve reached, providing you with an enormous address book when you need it.


Google android provides access to more than 200,000 various games and applications by means of its Android Market, which is available on each and every Android mobile phone. It is possible to download helpful applications, incredible 3D interactive games and time-saving ‘widgets’ — most of which can be found totally free. Those which demand payment can be bought utilizing your Google account, to which you can connect a credit card.
Widgets certainly are a distinctive characteristic of Android os. These are generally ‘live’ objects which can be put on your phone’s home screen to permit immediate access to particular features or current information on things like the next thunderstorm, your Tweets or perhaps the most recent news and sports activity. Which means you can easily see what’s happening in no time, without having to open a particular application.

Choosing the right processor

Selecting an Android mobile phone is rather like purchasing a car or truck. In case your needs are light you’ll be pleased with a smaller vehicle having a simple engine, but if you would like something which has both equally turbo speed and mind-blowing looks, you’ll need to go for a costly sporty number.
Budget Android mobile phones use somewhat slower, older processor chips to maintain the all inclusive costs down. Your average cost-effective device (for example the Orange San Francisco) will most likely possess a 600MHz CPU, while a average and slightly expensive mobile can have an 800MHz to a 1 GHz processor chip.
Moving up the scale, you get into in to the area of the dual-core mobile phones. Dual-core processor chips are extremely fast and highly powerful, therefore if you’re right after the top mobiles in overall performance, you’ll want to make sure you have a minimum of a 1.2GHz dual-core setup.

Space for storage

Due to the wonder of technical convergence, cell phones tend to be more than simply to make phone calls and texting. The typical mobile phone handset is currently able to replace your digital camera, camcorders and Mp3 music player.
Google android devices are no different, and when you’re seeking to use your glistening new mobile for more than just trying to keep touch with remote family members, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got lots of storage space.
Most Android mobile phones consist of a modest amount of internal application storage space, but use microSD memory cards for things such as video clips, pictures and songs. It’s becoming more and more popular for brands to pack a micro sd card with each and every new product — generally one of about 2GB to 4GB in space.
You will find exceptions, on the other hand. The Google Nexus S incorporates 16GB of internal storage space, but provides absolutely no way of enhancing that figure. However, the mighty Samsung Galaxy S2 contains the equivalent amount of storage but permits you to enhance it with microSD cards.
If you plan to purchase a more substantial sd card for your mobile phone, it’s worthy of checking out that the gadget has the capacity to acknowledge larger capacity variants. Most mobile phones will gladly take cards as high as 32 gb in size, but there are several exceptions, so steer clear.

Mobile Interface

Even though the touchscreen display user interface has become commonplace on smartphones, Google android features a variety of alternate choices.

There are lots of Android mobile phones which have entire Qwerty key-boards, for example the HTC Desire Z, for anyone who enjoy to tap away on correct, physical control keys. On the opposite end of the scale, there is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play , which has a slide-out gamepad for your best mobile gaming experience.

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