How to Make a Solid WordPress Backup ?

Backing up your wordpress blog is something you will most likely start doing the moment you have lost everything. That is perhaps not the very best idea. In this article we will consider the several available options — the wordpress plugins, several services and manual methods of backing up your wordpress blog.

As I notice it, there are a few methods for doing things. There is the manual option, the free wordpress plugin, the premium wordpress plugin and Automatic alternative, VaultPress.

Manual WordPress Backup
I will begin with an alert: backing up your wordpress blog yourself most likely is not advisable. You will forget. to make that all essential backups. But say you have just designed a client site and would like to make a quick backup. In this case, manual approach may be the best method.

1 > Export posts and backup the theme files :
It is quite simple to export your wordpress blog posts, blog pages, comments and so on.
Just follow the following steps to export

  • login to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Click on “tools” and Select “Export”
  • Download Export File

The following bit is basically what it really seems like:

  • Login to FTP
  • Download the wp-content folder
  • Zip it and give it a meaningful name like techtipsportal_backup_15.03.2012

2> Database Backup through phpMyAdmin :
Backing up wordpress database directly from phpMyAdmin is a conventional way.

  • Login to cpanel
  • Find phpMyAdmin and click on it.
  • Next click on the database in which your wordpress is currently installed
  • Click “Export” tab and you need export the entire wordpress table like the picture below

WordPress Backup via Free Plugins
I would usually utilized WordPress Database Backup for backing up my wordpress blog, setting it up to deliver an e-mail every 24 hours with all the database of my blog.

It basically just backs up your wordpress database and absolutely nothing else, so it’s important to have separate backups of your blog theme and installed plug-ins (as well as uploads folder too).

WordPress Backup via Paid Plugins
Plugin Buddy lately burst to the picture, from the folks behind iThemes. They have been successful until now and right after checking out the plugin BackupBuddy I can tell why .Let me provide a video:

Certainly it can do other things as well, but just from a backup perspective it is very good. It does the wordpress database as well as your blog theme, plug-ins and also widgets too which can be helpful. It is possible to set backups to e-mail or upload with an FTP even though e-mail method is more efficient as odds are you will require the back-up since you cannot get onto your web host.

Automatically backing up wordpress
You can use VaultPress for backing up your wordpress blog automatically. VaultPress delivers realtime, constant back-up and synchronization of each and every blog post, blog comment, wordpress media data file, revision and wordpress dash¬board establishing throughout a minimum of two individual cloud services as well as the Automattic grid, making sure no loss of content.

Backing up your wordpress blog is really essential and as this article has revealed, relatively simple to accomplish as well, so go and get it done! You will say thanks to me some day.

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